Release Forms

Every individual who participates in an event at Sivells must bring a completed copy of all three of the following forms with them. All campers, adults and minors, must complete these three forms. Note that the signature on the Medical Information and Consent to Treatment Form MUST be witnessed by a staff member of the church or the volunteer church sponsor of the event.
Medical Information & Consent to Treatment Form
Release of Liability for Harm & Agreement Not to Sue
Release of Liability for Harm & Authorization to Participate in Activities

Every group that attends Sivells with chaperones or sponsors supervising minors must complete the following Sponsor Approval Form.
Sponsor Approval Form

The following form only needs to be completed if you have a visitor attending during a portion of an event at Sivells in order to authorize them as a part of your group.
Visitor Approval Form

Groups that attend camp at Sivells must also be in compliance with our Transportation Policy:

The BCNM policy for all of those who attend our camps, Inlow and Sivells, requires churches that transport youth or children and sponsors to camp must leave the vehicle and a designated driver of that vehicle at the camp. Should the need for an emergency evacuation arise, churches must have a seat for each one of their people who are on campus.

Like you, we care about the safety of our children, youth, and sponsors. With the severe drought conditions we have had over the last few years, the possibility of wildfires is at the forefront of
our minds. We want to be prepared.